Here's How To Update iOS To Be Automatic

Here's How To Update iOS To Be Automatic

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 6:55 AM

For Apple device users, especially the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad are certainly familiar with Apple's proud operating system. Yep, especially if it's not iOS. During this time if the user wants to update iOS, it must be done manually. However, this time Apple made a new breakthrough so users can update iOS on their iDevice automatically. So, how do you do it?

Before we tell you how, keep in mind that how to set iOS so that it can be updated automatically can only be done if your device is running at least on iOS 12.0 or the latest version. In addition, you also have to make sure if your iPhone or iPad is charged and connected to wi-fi. Well, following the steps, please listen.

1. Open the "Settings" menu on iOS;

2. Tap the "General" menu then go to the "Software Update" menu, then tap "Automatic Updates";

3. Change the selection from "Off" to "On" to enable "Automatic Updates";

4. Done.

How, really easy right? But keep in mind also that this automatic iOS update will take place at night when you are not operating an iPhone or iPad. Oh yes, before you activate the Automatic Updates feature, we highly recommend that you do a backup of data first in case something unexpected happens. Good luck.