How To Change Gmail Password On Android Easily And Quickly

How To Change Gmail Password On Android Easily And Quickly

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 7:11 AM

According to experts, it's a good idea to change your password regularly. Either once a month, once every two months, or once every three months. This is important so that your account security is always maintained. Not like him who you can't take care of, until finally leaving with the others. Sob.

By the way, one of the accounts that you must change passwords regularly is Gmail. Because as we know, we use Gmail to register multiple accounts. Starting from Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts.

But, the question is, how do you change your Gmail password?

Take it easy. In this article I will show you how to change your Gmail password on Android.


1. First, open the browser on your Android smartphone. I suggest using Google Chrome to make the process easier and faster.

2. After the browser opens, immediately visit the page

3. There you will be asked to choose the Gmail account that you want to change the password for. Don't forget to enter the Gmail account password twice.

4. After that a new password column will appear. Please enter the new password that you want to use twice.

5. Follow the steps to finish.

Done In less than 5 minutes your Gmail account password has been successfully changed.