Must Know! Here It Is First Aid For Smartphones Affected By Water

Must Know! Here It Is First Aid For Smartphones Affected By Water

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 8:15 AM

Surely you will all be worried, right, if your favorite smartphone is in water and can't be operated as usual anymore? Smartphone is one type of electronic device that is quite vulnerable to water. Although a waterproof technology has been found, but considering the price is not cheap, so not all smartphones can use these features, especially for a lower-class smartphone.

Now, related to this, on this good opportunity we will discuss in more detail about some tips or ways you can do when the smartphone is exposed to water.

What are the tips like? Let's look at the discussion below.

Take your smartphone then turn it off
If your favorite smartphone is exposed to water, then the first step you must do is to take the cellphone and then turn it off.

Why? To prevent short circuiting and the water does not enter excessively on the smartphone. So we suggest that you take the smartphone and turn it off immediately.

Remove the battery of your smartphone
The first step you also need to take when your cell phone is exposed to water is to remove the back cover, then remove the battery as well. This is a step you can take for those of you who wear removable type batteries.

Remove the external memory and SIM card
So that the drying process can run maximally, then it can be removed by removing the memory card and SIM card from its original place. This needs to be done so that your memory card and SIM card are not exposed to corrosion and don't forget to ensure that your data remains safe.

Apart from these, this step is also performed on devices with removable or non-removable batteries.

Dry using materials that have water absorbing properties
Well, one of the ingredients that has the properties of water around us is rice. The most effective step to dry your smartphone that is exposed to water is quite easy, that is, you should be able to put your smartphone into 1 bowl of rice for several hours.

But to be more effective, you can flip through your cellphone, so that the absorption is also more evenly distributed.
However, as an alternative step is that you can also dry your device under the light until late at night so that the water on the smartphone can dry quickly.
Please turn on your device

After your smartphone is completely dry, then you can replace the battery, SIM card and also the Memory Card in your device. After that, you can try turning on your device. If successful, then your smartphone will turn on and can also function as it should, but if it fails then immediately take it to a trusted service center. 

One of the factors that can influence its success is the amount of water that enters the cell phone, if only splashed, or even just a little rain the chances of success will be much higher.

That's the review we can give you about the right way to handle smartphones that are exposed to water, hopefully it can inspire and also be useful for you all.