Here's How to Change the Size (Resolution) of Video in DU Recorder

Here's How to Change the Size (Resolution) of Video in DU Recorder

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 8:20 AM

As we know, DU Recorder is an Android screen recorder application with a very large number of users. This is because DU Recorder can indeed be relied upon to record screens. Whether it's just for fun recording games, or for more serious needs like making tutorials. DU Recorder can be used for all of that.

Well, one of the features in DU Recorder allows us to change the resolution or quality of the video that we record.

The higher the resolution we choose, the better the video quality will be. Vice versa.

For you DU Recorder users, you can follow the tutorial below:

1. First open the DU Recorder application on your smartphone. Then enter the settings by clicking on the gear logo in the upper right corner.

2. After that you will see the "Video Resolution" menu. By default the selected video resolution is 720p. Click the menu to replace it.

3. Now, a small popup window will appear containing the video resolution options. There are many video resolution options, ranging from 240p, 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p, to 1080. Please select the resolution you want to use.

The higher the resolution you choose, the better the video quality that you record using DU Recorder.

However, the video size will be even greater. So it will take up a lot of your smartphone's internal storage.

But if you choose a small resolution, the video quality will not be so good.

However, the video size will not be so large that it saves internal storage.

My advice, if you just record it for fun and upload it to Instagram, use a small resolution.

But if you are recording for more serious needs, for example for a tutorial uploaded to YouTube, you can use the greatest resolution.

Good luck.