How to delete duplicate photos from Google Drive from Android

How to delete duplicate photos from Google Drive from Android

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 8:28 AM

Google Drive is the default Android cloud storage application. No wonder that it is currently one of the largest cloud storage applications on planet Earth. I'm sure most of you also use Google Drive. Whether as a storage place for files, photos or videos. If you use Google Drive as the main cloud storage application, of course you already have a huge collection of files, photos and videos there.

Well, sometimes we like forgetfulness, uploading photos or videos even though they already existed in Google Drive. Resulting in duplicates.

With the increasing number of duplicate photos, of course the 15GB quota provided by Google will quickly run out.

Instead of being used to save the same photo twice, it is better to use it to save other photos.

The trick is to delete duplicate photos.

But take it easy, you don't need to do it manually. Because besides being complicated, it also takes a lot of time.

There is an application called Unclouded that will make it easier for us to find duplicate photos and videos in our Google Drive account.

you can read the full tutorial below.

1. First open the Unclouded application that you have downloaded. Then log in using your Google Drive account by clicking the Google Drive icon.

2. Next select which account you want to use. Then click "OK".


3. Next the Unclouded application will start synchronizing. The time needed usually depends on the number of files you store in Google Drive. So just be patient.

4. When synchronization is complete, click the "Duplicates" menu.

5. After a few moments, the Unclouded application will display a row of photos that have duplicates in your Google Drive. To delete it, touch and hold on the desired photo.

6. Then click the trash can button, then confirm by clicking the "YES" button.

You can delete all your duplicate files and leave 1 of each photo, so there are no more duplicate photos.

By deleting duplicate photos, your Google Drive account will not be used up quickly.

The method above is very suitable to use if you are a true user of Google Drive, and store all your photo collections there.

That way there are no longer the same 2 photos that you store in Google Drive.