How to Send Timed Messages on Android for WhatsApp, SMS and More

How to Send Timed Messages on Android for WhatsApp, SMS and More

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 8:52 AM

Some instant messaging applications, for example BBM, are already equipped with a message feature that will be automatically deleted after a specified time. But unfortunately, other popular instant messaging applications like WhatsApp are not yet equipped with such excellent features. In fact, the timed messaging feature is very useful for increasing privacy when chatting, especially when chatting with girlfriends. Xixi

But take it easy, even though by default WhatsApp doesn't (or doesn't yet) have timed messages, but there are a number of applications that can be used to replace the feature.

One application that can be used to send timed messages on WhatsApp is One Time Secret Message.

Cool again, we can not only use it for WhatsApp, but also for SMS, email and others.

So, all your conversations are safe. Because it will be automatically deleted in the allotted time.

No one will know the message, except you and your chat partner.

If you are interested in using timed messages on WhatsApp, follow the tutorial below.

1. Download the One Time Secret Message application on the Google Play Store.

2. If it's already installed, then open the application. You can directly type the secret message that you want to send in the field provided. When you click the "CREATE YOUR SECRETE MSG" button.

3. Next select share via WhatsApp.

4. After that select the WhatsApp contact you want, then click the send button.

5. If the recipient wants to read the secret message from you, he must click the link in the message. Then he will be directed to a web page that will display the contents of the message. It will look like the screenshot below. Oh, yeah.

You can also set whether the message has a certain time, for example after 5 minutes the message cannot be opened again.

Or based on view. So, the message can only be seen a few times. For example 1 time or 3 times.

After viewing based on the number of views, the message will automatically be destroyed or can not be opened again. Including those who first received the message.

Cool, right?