How to display photos that have been accidentally hidden on Android


Currently there are many gallery applications on Android that have a feature to hide photos. Some gallery applications that I know are equipped with this feature are Simple Gallery, Quick Pic, A + Gallery, and many more. Well, sometimes there are people who accidentally touch the hide photo button in their gallery, and don't know how to display it again.

In fact, how to display photos and videos that are hidden is very easy. Moreover, using gallery applications that I mentioned earlier.

Because indeed the hide and show feature already exists by default. So it's actually easy to access.

Well, in this article I will make a brief tutorial on how to display photos that are accidentally hidden.

This tutorial is suitable for you who accidentally hide photos and videos from the gallery, but don't know how to display them.

Oh, yes. In this tutorial I used the Simple Gallery application.

For you who use other gallery applications, you can adjust it. Because the features are actually the same, maybe the difference is only in the menu layout.

Immediately, here's how to display photos and videos that are hidden in the android gallery:

First, open your gallery application.

Then touch the options button, usually represented by the dot button in the upper right corner. Some gallery applications may have different views.

After that select the "Temporarily show hidden", or "show hidden" menu, or other similar menus. Some applications may be different.


Now photos and videos that were previously hidden will appear again.

To show photos and videos forever (not hidden anymore) just touch and hold on the video, then select the "Don't hide" option. Or such options, just adjust the gallery application that you use.

Easy right?

Good luck.