Here's How to Change Android Screen Size Without Additional Applications


Sometimes the screen size of our smartphone is too small, or maybe too big. For some people, it might feel uncomfortable using it. Especially because the icons and text on the screen become too small / large because they do not match the screen size. But fortunately, now Android is equipped with features to adjust the screen size as you like.

I found this feature on Android Oreo 8.1.

I don't know whether this feature is on an older version of Android or not.

But if you want to follow this tutorial, that's okay.

Who knows this feature is already on your smartphone.

1. First enter your android settings menu.

2. Scroll down, then select the "Display" option.

3. Then select the "Screen size" option located below.

4. Then there will be three screen sizes that you can choose from, namely small, default and large. When clicked, the preview will appear immediately.

5. Done.

The difference in screen size lies in the width of the application icons and also the text on the screen.

If you choose small, the icon and text will look small.

That way your smartphone screen is big because it can hold more icons and text.

Meanwhile, if you choose large, the screen seems to shrink because it can only hold a few icons and text.

Please choose what you want to use.