How to Take Screenshots on Android Using Lightshot

How to Take Screenshots on Android Using Lightshot

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 6:59 AM

Lightshot is a popular screenshot application that is widely used by PC users. Now, Lightshot is also available on Android. Just like in the desktop version, Lightshot offers the advantages of sharing quickly. So, every screenshot you take can be shared via Lightshot's cloud storage.

For you who often share screenshots, then Lightshot is great for you.

Just take a screenshot with this application, it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud service. You can share a link from Lighshot, and the recipient can open the link to see the screenshot that you shared.

Interested in using it?

Follow the tutorial below.

First, you need to download Lightshot on the Google Play Store.

If so, please open the application. To make it easier for you to take screenshots, we will display a floating screenshot button.

The trick is to click the Lightshot settings button.

Then point the slider to the right at the "Floating screen capture button" option.

Well, now you will definitely see a float button bearing the Lighshot logo. The function of the button is to take screenshots.

In this example I will try screenshots of web pages in Google Chrome.

After the screenshot is taken, you will be taken to the editing page. You can add arrows, circles or more.

When finished editing, click the upload button in the upper right corner.

Then your screenshot will be uploaded to Lightshot's cloud service.

When it's finished uploading, you can share your screenshot link with friends.

You can share the link to WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or email.

Good luck.