How to Overcome WhatsApp Tapped by Others

How to Overcome WhatsApp Tapped by Others

by Sponsor Article 11/28/19, 8:57 AM


As we know, besides being able to be used on smartphone devices, WhatsApp can also be used on a computer or laptop via WhatsApp Web. How to use it is to scan the barcode using our WhatsApp application. WhatsApp Web does make it easier for us to communicate with others through computers, but unfortunately this can be used by others to tap into WhatsApp.

Namely by borrowing your smartphone, then opening WhatsApp Web on his laptop, then scanning the barcode on the web using your WhatsApp.

Then instantly all WhatsApp chats on your smartphone he can "enjoy" on his laptop.

Horrified right?

Therefore in this article I will make a tutorial on how to deal with your tapped WhatsApp.

But before that, you have to know whether your WhatsApp is actually being tapped by someone else or not.

As I said above that, the way to tap into other people's Whatsapp is by scanning the Whatsapp Web barcode on the bug's laptop.

But fortunately now WhatsApp will provide notifications every time WhatsApp Web is used.

If you see a notification like this below when you are not using WhatsApp Web, then that means your WhatsApp has been tapped by someone else.

To overcome this very easy, which is just logout from WhatsApp Web.

You can follow the steps below to log out from WhatsApp Web.

1. Open the Whatsapp application, then touch the triple mark in the upper right corner.

2. Then various options will appear. Select "WhatsApp Web".

3. Well, here you will see a list of laptops that you use to log into WhatsApp Web. If you have never logged into WhatsApp Web, then click "Quit all devices" so that people who tap into your WhatsApp can no longer see all incoming and outgoing messages.


4. Done.


Now your WhatsApp is safe.

People who tap your WhatsApp now will not be able to see all the messages you send and receive on WhatsApp, because you have logged out of WhatsApp Web.

Next time, make sure you don't lend smartphones to nosy people.